African Seed & Food Sovereignty Series

Other Worlds brings to you an article series featuring interviews with grassroots African leaders (mostly women) from Senegal, Mali, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Each is working for seed and food sovereignty, the decolonization of Africa’s food system, and the preservation of traditional farming practices. 

The interviews are with traditional farmers, activists, community organizers, policy advocates, seed-savers, and movement-builders (listed below) sharing global to local perspectives on agroecology and traditional peasant farming, the fight against GMOs and imperialist agriculture, supporting rural women and farmers in food production, land access, and livelihood, and cultural preservation through seed saving and food sovereignty. 

The articles are released every other Wednesday beginning November 4th, 2015. Each will be circulated widely through our distribution network, organizations in the food sovereignty movement, and online alternative media outlets. There will be around 8-12 articles in the series as we conduct more great interviews!

Stay tuned and check back here for the articles, linked below.

If you are interested in distributing, publishing and/or reposting an article or the whole series, please be in touch with Simone Adler ( Thank you.

Mariama Sonko, Senegal - We Are the Solution campaign

Read the article: We Are the Solution: African Women Organize for Land and Seed Sovereignty

Mariam Mayet, South Africa - African Centre for Biodiversity 

Read the article: Dangers of the Gates Foundation: Displacing Farmers and Seeds

Mamadou Goita, Mali - Research and Promotion of Alternatives and Development (IRPAD), New Field Foundation, and Coalition to Protect African Genetic Heritage (COPAGEN)

Read the article: Advancing Food Sovereignty to Transform Economies

Gathuru Mburu, Kenya - Institute for Culture and Ecology, African Biodiversity Network, and Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa

Read the article: Decolonizing Our Minds and Our Lands: Reviving Seeds, Culture, and African Strength 

Mpatheleni Makauele, South Africa - Dzomo la Mupo (voice of the Earth) and African Biodiversity Network

Read the article: African Women Organize to Reclaim Agriculture Against Corporate Takeover

Elizabeth Mpofu, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Smallholder Organic Farmers Forum and La Via Campesina

Read the article: La Via Campesina, Building an International Movement for Food and Seed Sovereignty: An Interview with General Coordinator Elizabeth Mpofu

Anabela Lemos, Mozambique - Justiça Ambiental

Read the article: Mozambique's Movement to End Land Grabs


This series is made possible with support from New Field Foundation and Grassroots International. The beautiful logo is a gift to us from artist Ricardo Levins Morales