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Birthing Justice: Women Creating Economic and Social Alternatives

By Beverly Bell and Other Worlds | 2011

In "Birthing Justice: Women Creating Economic and Social Alternatives," 12 women from social and economic justice movements around the world invite us into their lives, share their vision of what the world can and must become, and show us what they and their community are doing to build that world. From Idla Martines de Souza organizing with the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil, to Emem Okon building peace in middle of a resource war in Nigeria, to Juana Ferrer and Via Campesina turning towards food sovereignty to end gender violence, each of these women have important wisdom and vision to share with us all.

After the release of Birthing Justice in 2012, Other Worlds published a blog series of the narratives in the book with a number of online partners, including Truthout, World Pulse, Huffington Post, Women's International Perspective, and more! Check them out here!

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Birthing Justice

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