Challenging globalization head-on: Women respond to poverty

February 18, 2010

Other Worlds has partnered with the National Catholic Reporter to publish a 12 part series, titled "Women: Birthing justice, birthing hope."  The columns, collected and edited by Beverly Bell, feature empowered women who offer alternative visions as they birth a new and more just world order.

By Mary Ann Manahan.  It’s inspiring for many young feminists and young activists like me to see how, in the midst of globalization, the most vulnerable women are using collective action to build their strength. These are people who are considered victims, who’ve faced decades of being battered by wrong agricultural policies and by their husbands, of not being taken seriously.

Women are called “shock absorbers” because they are the first to feel the crises caused by the economic and social insecurity of globalization, and right now specifically by the financial crisis.

In my many interactions and dialogues with women in the rural and informal sectors -- not only in the Philippines but around the world -- I see women bonded by the same ideals and vision: They need to get out of poverty and they can do that through concerted political action. While these women are strengthening their economies at a local level, they are also trying to claim their stake in the government. Read More