Gustavo Castro Soto Bio

Gustavo Castro Soto, Collaborator: Gustavo is a sociologist and the founder and director of Otros Mundos/Amigos de la Tierra México, based in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. Otros Mundos is part of a number of networks on water, energy, foreign debt, and the climate crisis, among other issues. The group conducts research, produces educational material, supports resistance efforts against harmful development projects, and promotes alternatives by way of the Water and Energy Popular School (EPAE) and the Network of Alternative Sustainable Family Networks (RESISTE). Gustavo also serves on the coordinating council of the Movement of Those Impacted by Dams and Defending the Rivers (MAPDER), the Latin American Network against Dams and in Defense of Rivers, Waters, and Communities (REDLAR), the Mexican Network of People Affected by Mining (REMA), and the Mesoamerican Movement against the Extractive Mining Model (M4).