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HAWG Conference: Haiti, Three Years After the Earthquake: The Time for Accountability (Videos)

The Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG) formed shortly after the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake to coordinate advocacy efforts for effective and just disaster relief, reconstruction and long-term U.S. development policy toward Haiti.

To commemorate the third anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, HAWG hosted a conference in Washington DC from Feb

Food and Land at the Service of People: An Interview with Peter Rosset

Part 3 of the Harvesting Justice Series
By Tory Field and Beverly Bell

Agricultural economist Peter Rosset is with the Center for the Study of Rural Change in Mexico
and the Land Research Action Network. He is also a member of the technical support team of
Via Campesina. Beverly Bell talked with Peter Rosset in Havana in 2009; they updated the
interview in 2012.

There are several fundamental pillars that are necessary to take control over food and agricultural
systems. One is to force even reluctant or reactionary governments to regain control over their
national borders from the flow of imported food. That means canceling free trade agreements
and not signing WTO agreements. It means stopping the import either of incredibly cheap,
subsidized food from agro-export countries which drives local producers out of business, or of
food made ridiculously expensive by food speculation.

Dominican Housing Rights Activists Visit Haiti in Solidarity

A delegation representing the Dominican organizations COOPHABITAT, CODECOC, and the Red Urbana Popular spent a week in Haiti on a solidarity visit for exchange, discussion, and to help further propel the Haitian right to housing movement towards a viable alternative. During their stay, the delegation met with various Haitian organizations including the Collective to Defend the Right to Housing, and visited Grace Village and Mega 4, two displacement camps in Port-au-Prince. The delegation was lead by Pedro Franco, the Coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants for Latin America and the Caribbean, Coordinator of the Zero Evictions Campaign and director of COOPHabitat (the Cooperative for Social Housing and Habitat Production) in the Dominican Republic. On January 12, 2013, the anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, the delegation celebrated a Bi-National Day of Solidarity and Struggle with displaced Haitians and grassroots groups.

Haitian Movements rally to protest during former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier's hearing today

Today, February 7th, 2013, marks the anniversary of the fall of the brutal Duvalier regime in 1986. Former dictator, "Baby Doc" Jean-Claude Duvalier, who for 15 years succeeded his father "Papa Doc" Duvalier, returned to Haiti in January 2011 and was promptly charged with corruption, embezzlement, murder, torture, exile, arbitrary detention and destruction of private property.

In January 2012, a judge ruled that Duvalier would not face charges of crimes against humanity and would stand trial only for financial crimes. Survivors and victim's families' formally requested for that decision to be overturned, and a court hearing today will determine whether or not Duvalier will indeed face trial for the crimes against humanity committed during his dictatorship.

With the following appeal to mobilize, Haitian social movements plan to protest in front of the courthouse