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Social Movements' Letter to UNASUR Demands Withdrawal of MINUSTAH Troops from Haiti

Last week, Latin American social movements sent the following letter to defense ministers of UNASUR member states, demanding accountability from the UN and withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops from Haiti. Distributed by our friends at Jubilee South.

Dear Sirs:

We commend the Ministers of Defense and the High Representatives for Foreign Relations of UNASUR

Haiti: ALBA Expands its Allies in the Caribbean

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February 23, 2012 
by William Camacaro
When looking at the vast array of reconstruction plans and promises of aid to rebuild
Haiti, the old clich

Looking at Haiti from Haiti: Two years after the earthquake, a new book aims to tell the story we’ve missed

By Francie Latour |      JANUARY 15, 2012

Originally posted on The Boston Globe website.

Mark Schuller, center, is a New York anthropologist who also teaches at University of Haiti in Port-au-Prince.

Two years ago, in one of the worst natural disasters recorded in the western hemisphere, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook the island nation of Haiti, leveling the capital of Port-au-Prince, taking more than a quarter-million lives, and leaving 1.5 million homeless.