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URGENT ACTION: Gustavo Castro Soto Still in Grave Danger

Otros Mundos Coordinator and Other Worlds' board member Gustavo Castro Soto was the sole witness to the assassination of Berta Cáceres on Wednesday March 3, 2016. He was injured during the attack. After the attack, Gustavo voluntarily went to the local authorities to give his testimony. He was then taken into custody and is now in his third day of being detained. He has been denied food and sleep.

In addition to Gustavo's detention, the number two person in COPINH, Aureliano "Lito" Molina is also being detained by the government. The reason given is that he is a "suspect" in a "crime of passion" (this in addition to the government's claim that Berta's death was part of a robbery). Two other leaders of COPINH are being "investigated." Please stay tuned for future action calls against the increasing criminalization and persecution of COPINH members. A lot more of both is in the works, and COPINH will need our help for the long haul.

We call on the Honduran authorities to immediately release Gustavo Castro Soto and to guarantee his safe return to Mexico.



1.  Make a phone call! Contact the numbers below asking that Gustavo Castro Soto be released and guaranteed a safe return to Mexico.

Honduras Embassy in US

Jorge Alberto Milla Reyes 

1014 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20001.

Telephone: 202.506.4995, 202.450.3146

Fax: 202.525.4004


US Embassy in Honduras

Ambassador James D. Nealo 

Embajada de los Estados Unidos de América Avenida La Paz, Tegucigalpa M.D.C., Honduras

Telephone: 011 (504) 2238-5114, 2236-9320

Fax Number: 011 (504) 2236-9037


**Emergency Services: Email: with EMERGENCY + (brief description) in the subject line. Please note that this mailbox is monitored during working hours only.  For after-hours emergency assistance, please call our hotline at (504) 2238-5114  [then dial 4100]. During business hours, please call: Phone: (504)2238-5114 ext: 4400

Honduras Embassy in Canada

151 Slater Street, Suite 805-A, Ottawa ON KIP 5H3, Canada
Telephone: (613) 233.8900,  +1.613.233.8900
Fax: (613) 232.0193, +1.613.232.0193

Honduras Embassy in Mexico

Calle Alfonso Reyes #220, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, 06170 Ciudad de México, D.F., México
Telephone:+52 55 5211 5250

2. Sign and share this petition


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