URGENT ACTION required to protect movement leaders in Honduras

August 14, 2013


Please respond to this urgent demand, circulated by our friends at Agricultural Missions, Inc.

Brief:  COPINH (Honduras) leaders face trumped up charges to break the back of 140+ day road occupation which has effectively stopped the installation of a hydro electric dam project on the Sacred Gualcarque River in Lenca Territory in Rio Blanco, HondurasLenca People:  No means No!*  (*Indigenous peoples have an internationally recognized right to collectively be consulted and approve or deny proposals for use of their lands, under ILO Convention 169)

WE NEED SOLIDARITY ACTIONS TODAY AND IN THE WEEKS TO COME!   Thank you in advance for your loving response!!  Our Beloved Berta and her comrades must be kept out of jail!!  Their righteous struggle must continue!!


Berta Cáceres Tomás Gomez, and Aureliano Molina are threatened by jail in order to break the Rio Blanco Lenca people's resistance to the dam.  The Rio Blanco struggle is emblematic because it is a test case of the territorial struggles that are popping up all over Honduras as the government makes more and more and more concessions of rivers, mining, without considering ILO Convention 169.

(Note from Brigitte Gynther our excellent colleague working with SOA Watch).

Today there is a very initial hearing during which the judge could order the eviction of the Lenca roadblock in Rio Blanco (which is ridiculous because they are on their own land) and prohibit Berta, Tomas, and Aureliano of COPINH from setting foot in Rio Blanco.  There's a chance Berta, Tomas, and Aureliano could be put in jail tomorrow but more likely it would be at a subsequent hearing. The whole thing is entirely political aimed at destroying the resistance in Rio Blanco. COPINH leaders also continue to receive death threats and the fabricated gun charges against Berta Caceres are also active again.

For those who only communicate in English, 

Please Contact the US Department of State, c/o Secretary John Kerry, 2201 C Street NW, Washington D.C. 20520 (202) 647-4000 and ask that the US investigate the on-going repression of Indigenous Peoples in Honduras, including the Lenca people in their struggle in Rio Blanco.  (see talking points below).

Please email or call or send sample letter to the Honduran Consulate in Washington, D.C. 

 1014 M Street NW Washington DC 20001 USA  Telephone: (202) 506.4995   Fax: (202) 525.4004
Email: Consulado.washington@hondurasemb.org

Honduran Mission to the U.N.  866 UN Plaza, Suite 417,  New York, NY 10017  Tel: (212) 752-3370

Send a copy or what you send, or let me (Stephen Bartlett of Ag Missions) know:  sbartlett@ag-missions.org  Thanks!

See talking points and sample letters below.

COPINH has issued a request to contact the Honduras government officials listed below.  If you call the Honduran officials below, which would be very helpful the requests include

1) ending the judicial persecution of COPINH,

2) withdraw the military from Rio Blanco,

3) not evict the Rio Blanco Lenca people, and of course

4) respect International Labor Organization /ILO Convention 169 by canceling the illegal concession of the Agua Zarca Dam project.

For those who can speak Spanish, the most effective action today is to make one or more phone calls and please also send emails below.  Leave a message if you can, or engage whoever answers by stating the purpose of your call and where you are calling from.  (See below for sample email or letter that could be sent through the emails listed below.)

Para comunicaciones, dirigirse a:

Presidente de la Republica de Honduras: Porfirio Lobo Sosa

Tel: (504) 9990-0878;  9978-2138

Secretaría de Justicia y Derechos Humanos: Abogada Ana Pineda

Tels: (504) 2235-6119

Tel móvil: (504) 9982-6801

Correo: anapinedah@hotmail.com/info@sjdh.gob.hn

Corte de palacion de santa Barbara :  Telefono  (504) 2643-21-48  2643-03-21


Juzgados del Departamento de Intibucá:

(504) 2783-0358


Sr. Antonio Calix Hernandez

Magistrado Coordinador de la Sala Penal, Corte Suprema de Justicia de Honduras

Oficina personal: (504) 2202-5305

Oficina general de la Sala Penal: (504) 2202-5124

Correo: hcalixh@poderjudicial.gob.hn

Coord. Comisión interventora del Ministerio Publico: Abogada María Antonia Navarro

Coordinadora de la Comisión Interventora del Ministerio Público:

Celular: (504)

Tel: (504) 2221-5670

Fax: (504) 2221-5672

Presidente del Congreso Nacional: Juan Orlando Hernandez:

juanorlandohernandez@gmail.com    juanorlandohernadez@yahoo.com

Fiscalía de las Etnias: Lic. Jany del Cid Martinez

Oficina: (504) 2221-3099 extensión: 2122

Tel móvil: (504) 8858-2071

Fax: (504) 2221-5620

Correo: janydelcid@yahoo.es

Ministro de las Etnias: Sr. Luis Green.

Tel móvil: (504) 3345 7446

Correo: luisgreen65@yahoo.es


Mandar copia a: copinh@copinh.org;radiolavozlenca@copinh.org


Mandar correo electrónicos a:


luisgreen65@yahoo.es    luisgreen@sedinafroh.gob.hn

cham@ina.hn    hrodriguez@ina.hn





See pictures of the road occupation and courageous Lenca people in struggle from Rio Blanco and COPINH.



Sample email or letter: (To be sent in Spanish, English or both)


Estimado Oficial de Honduras,

      Mi nombre es _______ de ___________ (organizacion, opcional) ubicado en los EEUU / Canada.  Escribo hoy para demandar que tomen acción en cuanto a la campaña represiva estando manejado contra COPINH sobre el proyecto hidroeléctrico en Rio Blanco sobre el Rio Gualcarque.  Bajo Convención 169 de la OLT proyectos como represas hidro electricas deben ser aprobados colectivamente por los pueblos indigenas en dado territorio.  El Pueblo Lenca de Rio Blanco no aprobaron este proyecto y tienen el derecho de parar su implementación.  La campaña de llevar cargos falsos contra líderes de COPINH, el uso de fuerza militar para asasinar a un dirigente de COPINH y herrir a su hijo, la colusión de las fuerzas de seguridad con las empresas intentando instalar a la represa y planta, el estado de impunidad, violencia y represión del gobierno Hondureño, todos llevan a graves violaciones de los derechos humanos y civiles.  Paren la persecución judicial de los dirigentes de COPINH, incluyendo a Berta Cáceres, Tomás Gomez, y Aureliano Molina.





Dear Honduran Official,

     My name is ________ from (organization) ___________ in the United States/ Canada.   I am writing today to urge you to take action as regards the campaign of repression being waged against COPINH over the Rio Blanco hydro electric dam project on the Gualcarque River.  Under ILO Convention 169 mega projects such as this hydro electric dam must be approved by the indigenous people of those territories.  The Lenca people of Rio Blanco did not approve this project and therefore have a right to stop its implementation.  The campaign to bring trumped up charges against leaders of COPINH, the use of military force to assassinate a leader of COPINH just days ago and to wound the man's son, the collusion of Honduran security forces with the management of the companies attempting to install the hydro electric dam and plant, the continuing state of impunity for violence and government repression, all create a grave violation of human and civil rights.  Stop the judicial persecution of COPINH leaders including Berta Caceres, Tomas Gomez and Aureliano Molina.