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Other Worlds is a women-driven education and movement support collaborative in the US. We focus on disseminating information about alternatives that are flourishing in the world on social, environmental, and economic justice issues. 

Through solidarity, information-sharing, campaigning, writing, and collaborating, we directly support the movements that are propelling the alternatives. 

Our Feature Article

The Muslim Ban and Beyond: Fighting White Power in Trump’s America

Tamir Mustafa, Joan Rodriguez, and their children. Mustafa said, "What makes America great is everybody in it." Photo: Melissa Cox


The march against Trump’s Muslim ban in New Orleans, on January 29, concluded at the towering Robert E. Lee monument. Below the Confederate general, the circle bearing his name gives way to wide, oak-lined St. Charles Avenue, the central boulevard of white, elite culture. Lee’s statue is targeted by the Take ‘Em Down NOLA coalition, which demands that all monuments to white supremacists be deconstructed. (Read more and sign the petition here.)