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About Us


Other Worlds is a women-driven education and movement support collaborative. Our mission is to compile and bring to light alternatives flourishing throughout the world – ones opening spaces for economic, political, social, gender, and environmental justice, and meaningful democracy – in order to inspire and incite others. We also directly support the movements that are propelling the alternatives.

In the spirit of “Nothing about us without us,” Other Worlds relies on deep collaboration with economic and social justice movements, and aims to be accountable to them.

Strategies to Promote Alternatives

Other Worlds has three program areas: Another Haiti is Possible, Education for Another World, and Harvesting Justice. Visit Our Work to learn more.

Our primary strategies for all our program areas are:

1. Research and Documentation

Documenting, together with movements, cases of thriving economic, social, and environmental alternatives that are flourishing around the world - with an emphasis on gender.

2. Media and Education

Creating media and educational materials about victories, advances, new models, and lessons.

3. Movement Support

Inspiring action, in partnership with movements and community groups, toward structural change.

4. Generating Support

Political, technical, alliance-building, and sometimes funding - for the social movements behind the alternatives.