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Credit: COPINH

The BERTA CÁCERES HUMAN RIGHTS IN HONDURAS ACT (H.R. 1299) has just been re-introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, demanding a suspension of all U.S. security aid to Honduras, and we need your help securing more sponsors!!  Last year's act, H.R. 5474, was introduced with immediate and broad support including the AFL-CIO, the Sierra Club, and over a hundred other faith, labor, environmental, and human rights organizations. Berta's family and organization, COPINH (the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras), immediately applauded the action, and 52 Members of the House of Representatives officially co-sponsored the bill.

The Berta Cáceres Act (H.R. 1299) was introduced by Rep. Hank Johnson's (GA) office, with Representatives Conyers (MI), Kaptur (OH), Serrano (NY), Schakowsky (IL), Ellison (MN), Lee (CA), Susan Davis (CA), Speier (CA), Moore (WI), McCollum (MN), Lipinski (IL), Dingell (MI), Pocan (WI), Holmes Norton (DC), Napolitano (CA), Bonamici (OR), DeLauro (CT), Gutierrez (IL), Cicilline (RI), Pingree (ME), Blumenauer (OR), Rush (IL), Tonko (NY), and Grijalva (AZ) as the initial co-sponsors of the bill. Please call these offices to thank them for their leadership on the bill TODAY.  And Let's get to work to secure the remaining Representatives who co-sponsored last year's bill, plus MANY MORE!  All members of the House are possible signers! 

 ------The WFP Action Alert is ready to share here------

Below is the action alert text, script, and details, then a couple lists of targets.  You might want to highlight some of the recent press (links below) and the one-year commemoration of Berta's assassination in your calls and outreach.  Here is a video of Berta's daughter, Bertita, talking about The Berta Cáceres Act.

All members of the House are possible signers!  Please use the action alert to mobilize your local solidarity networks to take action ASAP.  If you learn that your member of Congress has agreed to sponsor the bill, please notify, Elise Roberts, at so we can confirm.


We need your help! This morning Representatives Hank Johnson (GA), joined by Reps Conyers (MI), Kaptur (OH), Serrano (NY), Schakowsky (IL), Ellison (MN), Lee (CA), Susan Davis (CA), Speier (CA), Moore (WI), McCollum (MN), Lipinski (IL), Dingell (MI), Pocan (WI), Holmes Norton (DC), Napolitano (CA), Bonamici (OR), DeLauro (CT), Gutierrez (IL), Cicilline (RI), Pingree (ME), Blumenauer (OR), Rush (IL), Tonko (NY), and Grijalva (AZ) re-introduced a bill calling for the suspension of U.S. military and police aid to Honduras until human rights violations committed by Honduran security forces cease and their perpetrators are brought to justice.

The bill states that "The Honduran police are widely established to be deeply corrupt and to commit human rights abuses, including torture, rape, illegal detention, and murder, with impunity” and that the military has committed violations of human rights, and therefore asks that the United States suspend all “ assistance to Honduran military and police until such time as human rights violations by Honduran state security forces cease and their perpetrators are brought to justice.” 

The bill features the following demands:

- All U.S. aid to Honduran security forces must cease, and the U.S. must vote no on all loans from multinational development banks to Honduras until the following conditions are met:

- A full investigation and prosecution into the murders of Berta Cáceres, 100 small-farmer activists in the Aguán Valley, Joel Palacios Lino and Elvis Armando García.

- A full investigation and prosecution of the armed attack against Félix Molina.

- A full investigation and prosecution of those members of the Honduran military and police forces who have committed human rights abuses.

- That the Honduran military withdraw from domestic policing, as mandated in the constitution.

- That the rights of “ rights defenders; trade unionists; journalists; Indigenous, Afro-Indigenous, small farmer and LGBTI activists; human rights defenders; critics of the government; and other civil society activists...” are protected.

- Take steps toward establishing the rule of law and strong democratic systems such as a functioning judiciary branch capable of prosecuting member of the military and police forces.


To co-sponsor the bill (or if the staffer wishes an official copy of the bill), representative’s staffer must contact Arya Hariharan ( in Rep. Johnson’s (GA) office. 

(NOTE: please do not contact Rep. Johnson’s staff yourself, but ask the staffer to do so). 

When you call you Representative's office, ask to speak to the foreign policy aide. Use the script below in speaking with the aide. If the aide has not seen the bill, ask for the aide’s email address so that you can forward a copy of the bill. If the foreign policy aide is not available, ask to leave a message on their voice mail. Be sure to get the name foreign policy staffer so you can follow up. 

Script: “My name is _____. I am a constituent from (your town/city) in (your state). I am calling to ask Rep. _____ to co-sponsor H.R. 1299, The Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act calling for a suspension of U.S. security aid to Honduras until human rights violations committed by the Honduran security forces cease. Has Rep. _______ seen this bill? Can I count on him/her to sign on? Please call me this week at (_your phone number_) to let me know if you have seen the letter, and if Rep. _____ will sign it.”      

**In your phone conversation, please highlight why this letter is important to you, especially if you have traveled to Honduras or heard a Honduran speak in your community.  

It's useful to follow up with an email to the aide. Here are a few recent articles: 

1. Berta Cáceres Court Papers Show Murder Suspects' Links to US-trained Elite Troops 

2. Honduras: The Deadliest Country in the World for Environmental Activism

3. End US Support for the Thugs of Honduras

4. An Idealist Martyrdom Fails to Move Honduras 


Additional Context: March 2nd marks the one-year anniversary of the assassination of Berta Cáceres, the beloved Honduran Indigenous and environmental rights leader. We continue to demand justice for her brutal, politically-motivated murder. Although eight arrests have been made in the case, the investigation has been riddled with irregularities (including the theft of the case files) and evidence suggests that the intellectual authors remain at large. Moreover, Berta’s family and COPINH, the organization she co-founded, have been intentionally kept in the dark about the ongoing proceedings against her killers.  



If you learn that your Representative has agreed to support this bill, please notify, Elise Roberts, at so we can confirm the co-sponsorship with Rep. Johnson’s office. Please contact Elise Roberts if you want to know if your Rep. has signed on.

If you are in the district of one of the original sponsors, please be SURE to thank them profusely, and get your friends to, as well. 

In addition to the previous signers, below, ALL members are very important to work, hard, including those who did not sign the previous letter. Republicans matter, too—some of them do not support U.S. foreign security aid.

Cosponsors H.R. 5474 2016









Clay (MO)

(202) 225-2406

Cleaver (MO)

(202) 225-4535

Conyers (MI)


D. Davis (IL)

(202) 225-5006

Davis, Susan (CA)

(202) 225-2040

DeFazio (OR)


DeLauro (CT)

(202) 225-3661

DeSaulnier (CA)

(202) 225-2095

Dingell (MI)


Doyle (PA)

(202) 225-2135

Farr (CA)

(202) 225-2861

Foster (IL)

(202) 225-3515




Gutiérrez (IL)


Hinojosa (TX)

to be determined


Holmes Norton (DC)

(202) 225-8050

Honda (CA)

(202) 225-2631

Johnson (GA)


Kaptur (OH)


Keating (MA)

(202) 225-3111


(202) 225-5506

Lipinski (IL)

(202) 225-5701

Lawrence (MI)


to be determined


Lee (CA)

(202) 225-2661

Lowenthal (CA)

(202) 225-7924

Lynch (MA)

(202) 225-8273

Maloney (NY)


McCollum (MN)

(202) 225-6631

McDermott (WA)

(202) 225-3106

McGovern (MA)

(202) 225-6101

Moore (WI)

(202) 225-4572

Napolitano (CA),

(202) 225-5256

Neal (MA)

(202) 225-5601

Nolan (MN)

(202) 225-6211

O'Rourke (TX)

(202) 225-4831


(202) 225-4671




Pocan (WI)

(202) 225-2906

Quigley (IL)

(202) 225-4061




Sanchez, Loretta (CA)

(202) 225-2965

Serrano (NY)


Slaughter (NY)

(202) 225-3615

Speier (CA)

(202) 225-3531




Velazquez (NY)

(202) 225-2361

Waters (CA)

(202) 225-2201

Yarmuth (KY)

(202) 225-5401




Other Important Targets






Bacon, Don

(202) 225-4155

Bass (CA)

(202) 225-7084

Bera (CA)

(202) 225-5716

Blumenthal (CT)

(202) 224-2823

Bordallo (Guam)

(202) 225-1188

Harris, Kamala Senator (CA)

no aide yet-still staffing, CB

(202) 224-3553

Brownley (CA)

(202) 225-5811

Bustos (IL)

(202) 225-5905

Butterfield (NC)


Carbajal, Salud (CA)

(202) 225-3601

Capuano (MA)

(202) 225-5111

Cárdenas (CA)

(202) 225-6131

Carson (IN)

(202) 225-4011

Cartwright (PA)

(202) 225 5546

Castor (FL)

(202) 225 3376

Castro (TX)

(202) 225-3236

Chabot (OH)

(202) 225-2216

Chu (CA)

(202) 225-5464

Clark (MA)


Clarke (NY)

(202) 225-6231

Clyburn (SC)

(202) 225-3315

Conyers (MI)


Crowley (NY)


Dent (PA)

(202) 225-6411

Deutch (FL)

(202) 225-3001

Raja Krishnamoorthi (IL)--NEW

(202) 225-3711

Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX)

(202) 225-8885

Edwards (MD)

(202) 225-8699

Engel (NY)


Eshoo (CA)

(202) 225-8104

Esty (CT)

(202) 225-4476

Fudge (OH)

(202) 225-7032

Gabbard (HI)


Gallego (AZ)

(202) 225-4065

Garamendi (CA)

(202) 225-1880

Grayson (FL)

(202) 225-9889

Hahn (CA)

(202) 225-8220

Hastings (FL)


Huffman (CA)

(202) 225-5161

Israel (NY)

(202) 225-3335

Jackson Lee (TX)

(202) 225-3816


(202) 225-5936

Kelly, Mike (PA)


to be determined

(202) 225-5406

Kelly, Robin (IL)


Kennedy (MA)

(202) 225-5931

Kildee (MI)

(202) 225-3611

Kilmer (WA)

(202) 225-5916

Kirkpatrick (AZ)


Larson (CT)

(202) 225-2265

Levin (MI)

(888) 810-3880

Lewis (GA)

(202) 225-3801

Lieu (CA)

(202) 225-3976

Lofgren (CA)

(202) 225-3072

Lowey (NY)

(202) 225-6506

Lujan (NM)

(202) 225-6190

Lujan Grisham (NM)

(202) 225-6316

Matsui (CA)

(202) 225-7163

McNerny (CA)

(202) 225-1947

Meeks (NY) madelina young_smith

(202) 225-3461

Meng (NY)

(202) 225-2601

Nadler (NY),

(202) 225-5635

Payne (NJ)

(202) 225-3436

Pelosi (CA)

(202) 225-4965

Peters (CA)


Polis (CO)

(202) 225-2161

Price (NC)

(202) 225-1784

Rangel (NY)

(202) 225-4365

Richmond (LA)

(202) 225-6636

Roybal-Allard (CA)

(202) 225-1766

Ruiz (CA)

(202) 225-5330

Ruppersberger (MD)


Sanchez, Linda (CA)

(202) 225-6676

Sarbanes (MD)

(202) 225-4016




Schiff (CA)

(202) 225-4176

Schrader (OR)

(202) 225-5711

Scott (VA)

(202) 225-8351

Sires (NJ)


Smith, Adam (DC)

(202) 225-8901

Smith, Chris (NJ)

(202) 225-8901

Swalwell (CA)

(202) 225-5065

Takano (CA)

(202) 225-2305

Thompson (CA)

(202) 225-3311

Torres (CA)

(202) 225-6161

Tsongas, (MA)

(202) 225-3411

Van Hollen (MD)

(202) 224-4654

Vargas (CA)


Wasserman Schultz (FL)


(202) 226-2052?


(202) 225-5801

Welch (VT)

(202) 225-4115

Wilson (FL)

(202) 225-4506

Young (IA)

(202) 255-5476


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