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¡Berta Lives, COPINH Continues! 

Credit: COPINH


International Month of Mobilization for COPINH: March 2 marks one year from the night in which Berta Cáceres was assassinated, and our board president Gustavo Castro was almost killed. March 4 is Berta's birthday. March 8 is International Women's Day. March 27 is the 24th anniversary of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), the group Berta founded. COPINH is calling for an international mobilization for justice for the attacks, and for protection of their lives, territories, and sovereignty. If you want to be involved in actions, click here.

Berta Lives, COPINH Continues! For many months, Other Worlds has been working to launch a network of Latin American movements and organizations to help COPINH build strength. Other Worlds helped mobilize and fund a four-day meeting in Havana in January. Together, the Council of Popular and Indigenous and Civic Organizations (COPINH), Bev, and representatives from about a dozen core ally movements and organizations from Central and South America and the Caribbean, agreed to launch Berta Lives, COPINH Continues (adapting a popular Latin American chant). This will be a multi-faceted initiative of education and mobilization to build the Honduran movement of Lenca people.  

Forum on Emancipatory Paradigms: That same week in Cuba, Bev took part in the four-day international Forum on Emancipatory Paradigms. The forum was dedicated to Berta Cáceres and Fidel Castro, and was a vitalizing exchange of models and ideas for opposing capitalism and building just alternatives. 


March 2, 6 PM Honduras time

We call on the world to strengthen justice—from your homes, communities, mountains, rivers, spiritual centers, organizations and offices. We'll light a white candle together, accompanied by other natural elements of your choosing: water, seeds, flowers, medicinal herbs or anything else that you want. This will symbolize a political, feminist and spiritual action for Berta's family and the communities of COPINH, to keep demanding justice for Berta Cáceres' assignation, and to remember her spiritual presence in all of our paths and territories in resistance.

Let the candles burn overnight to call for justice for Berta.

Please send pictures, name of your location, organization name (if any), and your messages to and to Honduras Solidarity Network: so that Berta's family and the community can see what you did and how life continues to be sown in a social fabric embodied by love and light.

Please tag and include COPINH’s Facebook: @Copinh.Intibucá and Twitter: @COPINH-Honduras in everything you that you post on social media.


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